All About Baby Socks

How to Buy Baby and Toddler Socks

With so many different brands and choices, trying to buy the right pair of socks for your child can be a stressful and confusing experience. Although you might be tempted to simply buy the first pair that catches your eye,...

Textile Dyeing: A Menace to the Environment

Environmental pollution is one of the most serious and urgent problems of the modern world. The dyeing process used by the textile industry is a major contributor to this problem. In order to colour fabrics, the textile industry requires a...

Hand-Linked Toe: Seamless Socks for Babies

To ensure maximal comfort, our organic cotton baby socks use hand-linked toe seams. This means that there is only one single thread linking the two sections of our socks together. In other words, socks with hand-linked toes feel seamless and...

Naturally Coloured Organic Cotton

Pure® only use naturally coloured organic cotton. While commercial cotton fibres are all an off-white yellow colour, we are able to grow cotton that is naturally red, brown and even green. PURE socks are ideal for babies, whose sensitive skin can be irritated by chemicals used in the dyeing process.